Compiled by Peter Hyland (through 2015) and Alan Hakim (2016 and thereafter)

Up to date as at March 2022
©Peter Hyland, Alan Hakim 2022

MIXED MOSS: The Index is in two parts: an 'Authors' index and a 'Subjects' index.

NB: The method of citation in this Online Index differs from that used in the hard copy index in the Winter 2000 Mixed Moss. As editions of Mixed Moss from 1995 onwards have the identifying year on their spine, references to these are by year followed by page number. From 1997 to 2000 there were two MMs in each year, Summer and Winter: these are distinguished by the suffix (S) or (W). The MMs from 1990 to 1994 had no spine, but were identified on their front cover by volume and number -- these have therefore been used in this index, and the year has been given as well.

DESPATCHES LIST: This is a chronological list of articles of more lasting interest. Despatches ceased publication in 2002.

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