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Last Updated 14 March 2022

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Welcome to All Things Ransome. This website is intended as research tool for those interested in discovering more about the works and life of Arthur Ransome, and the sources and influences relevant to his work. In particular, the goal is to provide a permanent home for Ransome-related materials, especially for non-ephemeral works such as the literary pages, essays, articles, and the like.   All Things Ransome also provides links to other Arthur Ransome resources available on the world wide web.

Please see our Copyright and Usage Information.

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Available on All Things Ransome

Announcements and Broadsides of significant new content to All Things Ransome, and of submitted items about Ransome-related events, performances, etc., of general interest to Ransome enthusiasts and researchers.
Archives, an online archive for journals, newsletters, and other Ransome-related material such as correspondence.
Boats and Dinghies both real and fictional, owned or created by Arthur Ransome. With contributions from other boatbuilders and owners, and featuring Stuart Wier's The Boats of Swallows and Amazons.
Connections are anecdotes or tales by people who knew. or had met or contacted Arthur Ransome and whose lives were affected as a result.
Downloads of Ransome-related tools and software such semaphore alphabets, a Ship's Bell program, etc.
Inspirations for Ransome's major characters such as the Swallows and the Amazons.
The Literary Pages, originally created and maintained by Tim Johns, offer a compilation of guides, sources, articles, reviews, booklists, and trivia about Arthur Ransome and his works.
Locations and places which feature in Ransome's life and books, or are about Ransome, including possible originals Ransome pieced together to form fictional places.
Maps of Arthur Ransome areas described in his Swallows and Amazons books, viewable online or downloadable.
Media Vault of links to video and audio clips of or related to Arthur Ransome, plus some links to image collections.
Quizzes and Games, featuring quotations, Ransome's life and times, the individual books, and pictures, from the original Arthur Ransome site.
Ransome Readers Recommend, short reviews and recommendations by Ransome readers of books which they feel other Ransome readers will enjoy. Oriented towards but not exclusively for juniors. Contributions enthusiastically solicited!

Some of these links are to blogs or forums which appear to be inactive. Our policy is to retain the links as long as they remain valid, as material on these sites may still be of interest or use.

Clubs, Groups and Societies
The Arthur Ransome Society (TARS), founded in England in 1990, was formed to celebrate and promote the life and works of Arthur Ransome. Based in the U.K., TARS has members in over thirty countries around the world, including Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and the United States.
The Arthur Ransome Club (ARC), founded in Japan in 1987, is the world's first gathering of Arthur Ransome enthusiasts.
The Arthur Ransome Trust, founded in England in 2010, is dedicated to studying, experiencing and appreciating the life and works of the English author Arthur Ransome (1884-1967). The Trust's ultimate aim is to create a Ransome Centre in the English Lake District, so that visitors and AR devotees have a definite place to come to, obtain and exchange information, and generally regard as an AR base.
The Nancy Blackett Trust, founded in England in 1997, was formed to preserve, restore and maintain Arthur Ransome's favorite yacht, Nancy Blackett.
Discussion Forums
Forum for discussions on Arthur Ransome and the 'Swallows and Amazons' series of books TarBoard is an electronic Arthur Ransome discussion forum with broad international participation and lively debate.
ARBoard is the Arthur Ransome Club's Japanese language Arthur Ransome discussion forum.
Blogs, Wikis and Websites
Sophie Neville's Blog The filming of the 1973 "Swallows and Amazons" film, and much else.
If Not Duffers... Essays on Arthur Ransome, his work, and the sites in the AR books.
Great Northern? Essays on Arthur Ransome's politics and related topics.
Writings on AR and the books Jill Goulder's writings on AR and on the S&A canon.
Arthur Ransome's Swallows and Amazons in North America is a Facebook group for North American devotees. You must have a Facebook id to access this group.
The Arthur Ransome Group is a Facebook group for AR enthusiasts. You must have a Facebook id to access this group.
Arthur Ransome Wiki, encyclopedia on Arthur Ransome, his life, literary works and the Swallows and Amazons series of novels. Anyone can write an article.

Contributions and Update Log

Contributions (articles, etc.) to All Things Ransome are welcomed, whether material to be hosted on this website or links to resources elsewhere. Please contact

A log of updates to All Things Ransome is maintained for periodic visitors who wish to see what may have changed; see the Update Log or click on the "Last Updated" date at the top of this page.

Recognitions and Thanks

All Things Ransome is a collaborative effort of Andrew Goltz, Woll Newall, and Dave Thewlis, with contributions from Ransome devotees worldwide.

The support of the Trustees of The Arthur Ransome Society is gratefully acknowledged in helping to make the Literary Pages available on  All Things Ransome, as is the support of the Literary Executors for their kind permission to use extracts and illustrations from Arthur Ransome's books.

The name All Things Ransome was coined by Ed Kiser, a long-time Arthur Ransome enthusiast, who has approved the use of the phrase as the name of this website and domain; a name which perfectly sums up its purpose and intent.

Thanks to Andrew Goltz, Woll Newall and Peter Wright for their encouragement and assistance in getting this project off the ground, and to Andrew and Woll for their contributions to the site.

Special thanks to Tim Johns, who created the Arthur Ransome Literary Pages, the reintroduction of which provided the impetus for All Things Ransome. Tim's academic website, unfortunately no longer available online, showed the range of interests of a remarkable individual and a pioneer in his field. Tim has recently passed away. We have published a tribute and remembrance of Tim Johns and his contributions to Ransome lore and to All Things Ransome at Tim Johns, and request that anyone who would like to offer a story or information please contact All Things Ransome.

Copyright and Usage Information

Copyright to all articles, text, images, and other materials posted on All Things Ransome belongs to the original authors or creators of the material, or of the derivative material posted on this website, whether or not explicitly stated within the body of the material or upon the page(s) where it appears. Any such material reproduced on All Things Ransome is intended solely for the purpose of private study or review. In the event of any copyright holder raising any objections to such reproduction, the material in question will be removed from All Things Ransome.

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